Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Azure Knight Guide on Basic Stat and Skill Builds

The Dekaron Azure Knight is a specialist in close quarters, using a variety of weapons to slice or smash enemies left and right with ease. Str is a definite must for this character. While the Azure Knight can never be as good of a tank as the Bagi Warrior ever will, it does come at a close second. If you are the type of person who likes to charge ahead into battle with a sword drawn and a smirk on your face, then the Azure Knight should fit you nicely.

In Dekaron SEA, you must learn about your character and how you can maximize its potential. You can only have fun with it if you're actually getting good results. Determining which Azure Knight build you want depends on your ultimate purpose with your character. The build consists of two main factors - skills and stats.

Azure Knight Stat Builds

When it comes to stat points, it is an even bigger decision than choosing your weapon. While picking a less-than-desired weapon, at least you can live with that and go through with its respective skill build. However, stat builds are the key to your character's success. There are two main stat builds that you have to be aware of - PvP and Glass Cannon. Both of these are specialty builds with their own distinct advantages.

The classic PvP build is about surviving the storm of opponents that get in your way. You can kill them off if you're clever enough with your skills, but the main thing is to have more than enough health to get you through it. Dying is not an option here, so put just enough str and dex or so to use your items, then max out your health for best results.

Getting the glass cannon build is all up to this principle - enough health, enough dex, and all str. Your objective is to dish out the maximum amount of damage possible in the game, no questions asked. You should hit them before they hit your with this crazy, but effective build.

Azure Knight Skill Builds

Your build with the Azure Knight skills will coincide with four main weapon choices - Sword and Shield, Dual Wielder, 2-handed Sword, and 2-handed Axe. Your choice in this department will determine your build.

The sword-and-shield character is a versatile fighter that can stand up to anything thrown at it. With defense in mind, it is stable for both Azure Knight leveling and PvP. However, that offense doesn't come as strong as with other weapon combinations.

The dual wielder is all about attack speed for dealing good damage while not letting your opponents act. You'd be so fast, they won't be able to use any skills since you keep interrupting them. While the bad part is that you can die quite easily with this build, the point is that offense is your best defense.

The 2-handed sword build is about the balance between offense and defense. With good survivability and high damage output, this skill build can crack anyone down with a good slice or two. Defense is dependent on your sword's defense, so pick up a good one. Make sure to distribute your skill points properly to obtain Genocide, which is the most damaging skill in Dekaron SEA.

But if you want the ultimate Genocide and you can care less about extra defense, then the 2-handed axe Azure Knight is for you. With this, you can become the ultimate glass cannon, bar none. Watch your enemies drop to the ground within seconds as you cleave through them.

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