Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dekaron Vicious Summoner Guide

In Diablo II, one of the most interesting character classes was the Necromancer. He could call forth a menagerie of summons to aid him in battle. In Dekaron SEA, the Vicious Summoner is the amped up counterpart. He, too, could call forth creatures of varying levels of meanness to seize the opponents on sight. If you're looking for something made of EPIC WIN, then the Vicious Summoner embodies that awesomeness.

Remember, there are two kinds of weapons a Vicious Summoner can use: the Twin Blades and the Staff. Each has its own advantages and optimized builds. While the Vicious Summoner is usually thought to be a magic character, one fighting primarily through summons and spells, he can actually be a decent melee character, with skills that help him crush enemies when he has to.

Vicious Summoner Stat Builds

This will depend on your choice of weaponry and overall strategy. Whatever you do, heal is important. Spirit depends on which path you will take, either full summoner or combat summoner.

If you are someone who likes the background, then be a full-fledged summoner and go for spirit and heal mostly with staff at hand. A spirit-heal ratio of either 4:1 or 3:2 with enough str to bring decent damage to your staff will suffice. If you don't want to use your staff for melee combat, then ramp everything else up. This is a cool build indeed, but will require some pampering before it matures into a formidable character.

If you like to boogie with your enemies, then take twin blades up and drag your str up. A str-heal ratio of 4:1 (offensive) or 3:2 (defensive) with enough spirit to use your equipment and spells should make for an excellent combatant. If you would like it to be a bit more balanced, then a bit more spirit won't hurt. This will build up one of the fastest mob killers possible in the game, so this is easy to level once it has come on its own.

Vicious Summoner Skill Builds

Picking your Vicious Summoner skills will depend on your own playing skills and overall strategy. You have two kinds of creatures at your disposal, which are the Beasts and the Libido. The debate on which of these two is the stronger still rages on, so there still isn't much of a consensus regarding the better choice.

The last two summons of each type are the most powerful, with their own individual battle orders, making them go berserk upon their enemies. Of course, the last one is the most powerful of them all. The thing to remember is that beasts are offensive while libido are defensive. Beasts deliver the most damage with around 30% more power with each attack, while the libido can stick around longer with around 40% more HP. Having the best of both worlds may be a good idea for full summoners, while str summoners may want to think about which one gives them a better edge.

Cosmos and combat skills are divided into two, one for each weapon type. Cosmos may be a good idea, especially since it lets you summon some formidable creatures according to your weapon of choice. As for combat skills, you should know what to go for as there are staff and twin blade skills here, with some in between. These attack skills dish out substantial damage and a myriad of effects that can help make the fight easier for your Vicious summoner as your summons pick apart everything else.

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